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Hello. I’m Nik. I’ve been a geek of one sort or another for over 20 years, beginning as “webmaster” of the Marketing department at the Wharton School of Business, continuing on to various approaches to web site production (Movable Type, WordPress, HTML+CSS, etc.), and ending up coordinating customer interaction and authoring software documentation. Currently, I’m embarking on a new journey into Mac and iOS application development.


  • Nik’s Bleeps. You are here. I usually talk about tech, games, and tea. Every once in a while, there may be a post or three of a personal nature.
  • Nik’s Blips. My tumblog, where I toss up quotes, links, photos and videos that catch my eye, that I want to save or share. The content there is almost always unapologetically frivolous.
  • Nik’s Pix. A place for me to post images of my own creation. Currently it’s just my Instagram feed, but in time I hope to add some doodles ‘n’ things.


I’m a NEWSHINY addict, so I’m quick to jump on new web services to give them a try. They don’t all have staying power, though. Following are the places where I bother to keep my profile updated.

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Tools of the Trade

While I’m quick to recommend WordPress because of its simplicity, ease of use, and extensibility, I wanted something more lightweight for my own blog. The idea of a “baked” site—a plain-Jane HTML site without any fancy databases and things—piqued my interest. A lot of folks I admire have gone this route, and their rationale makes a lot of sense to me. There’s also something kind of funny-sad-interesting about the circular, 20-year journey from the days of NCSA Mosaic and plain HTML pages to today’s nerd-fuelled push toward baked blogs.

My favourite site of this ilk is Brett Terpstra’s. I love that it has the trademark simple, clean aesthetic of a static site, but with the bells and whistles one might expect from some fancy CMS. I don’t know enough to create something like that, but maybe one day I will achieve such greatness. =)

This humble site, then, exists thanks to the following tools:

As well, I couldn’t have gotten things up and running without a selection of my favourite teas and help from my friends Dan, Brett, and Jamie. Thanks, guys!